2016 VW Passat Coming This Fall!

2016 VW Passat Mississippi
The VW Passat is one of the best-loved sedans in Mississippi, and the 2016 model will be better than ever before. According to Volkswagen, this new model will have a significant makeover when it becomes available this fall. There will be updates to the styling, driver assistance systems, and other... [read more]

Get to Know the Volkswagen e-Golf

Volkswagen e-Golf Mississippi
Most Mississippi drivers are familiar with the VW Golf, but you may not know about the Volkswagen e-Golf. This model is incredibly similar to the Golf but is an electric car. That means that you will spend less money on gas and do your part to help the planet by... [read more]

2015 VW Golf vs 2015 VW Jetta

2015 VW Golf South Mississippi
A lot of compact cars can be had as either a sedan or a hatchback. To distinguish between the two, manufactures usually alter a vehicle’s model name with something like Sport, GT, 5-Door, etc. Volkswagen, though, does things differently. Not only do VW’s compact sedan... [read more]

The Touareg Offers South Mississippi Drivers Premium Features

Touareg South Mississippi
Volkswagen has vehicle choices for all needs, but the Touareg is the ideal option for South Mississippi drivers looking for premium features in an SUV. This vehicle is powerful, versatile, and capable with room for five people as well as plenty of cargo. Comfort Even if you pick the base Touareg Sport... [read more]

My VW Beetle won’t start: Check these first!

2015 VW Beetle Convertible South Mississippi
Every car owner dreads the moment their car won't start. What should you do? Here's a list of some common reasons why cars might not start. If the engine won't crank nothing happens: If you turn over the key and the engine doesn't crank, more likely than not there is an electrical... [read more]

Meet the TDI Clean Diesel Family

A look at the auto industry shows you that diesel engines are gaining popularity as a way to offer a cleaner fuel source, improved fuel efficiency, and better performance all at the same time. Volkswagen recognizes the numerous benefits of diesel, which is why it offers diesel versions of five... [read more]

How Often Should You Service Your VW Passat?

Passat Engine South Mississippi
How often should you service your Volkswagen Passat? Figuring these things can be tricky, but the following list is compiled based on real life knowledge of Passats. Keep in mind that if you are still covered under our Volkswagen Warranty Plan, following those maintenance intervals is crucial to keeping the... [read more]

Volkswagen of America Loyalty Bonus

Volkswagen Logo South Mississippi
You could be eligible for a $2000 customer loyalty bonus if you are a current Volkswagen driver. Volkswagen of America wants to show appreciation to their loyal customers this fall and are offering great incentives to returning customers. Customer Loyalty Bonus Volkswagen dealerships are offering up to a $2000* owner loyalty bonus... [read more]

Top 5 Volkswagen Safety Features

Volkswagen Safety Features Mississippi
Volkswagen is known for constantly innovating to provide Mississippi drivers with the latest safety features. It was among the first to offer now common tools, like lane departure alerts and blind spot monitoring. Continuing with this tradition, here are the top five safety features from Volkswagen. Volkswagen Park Assist The Park Assist... [read more]

The Volkswagen Beetle: More than an Icon

Volkswagen Beetle D’iberville
For decades, the Volkswagen Beetle has been known as an icon, and it has remained a popular vehicle, giving drivers a compact and stylish way to get around D’iberville. Whether you pick the standard Beetle or the convertible, you will turn heads and inspire jealousy. The Beetle is well-equipped and... [read more]