2015 VW Golf vs 2015 VW Jetta

2015 VW Golf South Mississippi

2015 VW Golf

New 2015
Jetta S
New 2015 Volkswagen Jetta S 2.0L Model ID: - New 2015 Volkswagen Jetta S 2.0L with manual transmission, 36 month lease with approved credit through Volkswagen Credit. $2199 due at signing, includes 1st month''s payment, $0 security deposit. Excludes tax, tag, title, registration and $379 dealer fee, excludes TDI and Hybrid models. 12,000 miles per year. $0.20 per mile overage. Expires November 2, 2015.

A lot of compact cars can be had as either a sedan or a hatchback.

To distinguish between the two, manufactures usually alter a vehicle’s model name with something like Sport, GT, 5-Door, etc. Volkswagen, though, does things differently. Not only do VW’s compact sedan and hatchback have different names, they’re built on two completely different platforms.

Which is a better fit for you? Let’s check the specs and find out.

Volkswagen MQB vs PQ35

The Jetta is still based on the PQ35 platform, while the Golf uses VW’s new MQB architecture. In plain English, it means the Golf has more modern, rigid and accommodating underpinnings. Even in the front seat, the Golf feels more spacious than the Jetta, despite being shorter nose to tail.

2015 VW Jetta South Mississippi

2015 VW Jetta South

Driving Experience

The Golf and the Jetta are two of the more fun to drive cars in the compact segment. Both offer plenty of power, courtesy of the 1.8-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine that makes 170 HP. Although this number may not seem huge, the low end torque and smooth operation from the little turbo engine really sets these cars apart from their competition. It isn’t until they are pushed into a corner that the differences start to show. The Jetta drives well, but the new Golf is a blast. It feels more nimble and precise when maneuvered quickly.


There are some trade-offs to the Golf’s sporty nature. Although both Volkswagens are comfortable, the Golf is a little stiffer over bumps and can get upset easier on rough pavement, but driver comfort is better in the Golf. The way the seat, armrests, and primary controls are laid out in the Golf is pleasing. The Jetta’s layout is quite good in its own right, but the bottom seat cushions and dashboard design don’t feel as driver-orientated.

The Verdict

The Golf offers more space, more equipment, and more of pretty much everything. Yes, that means it can be more expensive, but can be a worthwhile expense, considering how much more you’re getting with that money. If you want a punch packing ride without all the extras, the Jetta is the way to go.

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