My VW Beetle won’t start: Check these first!

2015 VW Beetle Convertible South Mississippi

Every car owner dreads the moment their car won’t start. What should you do? Here’s a list of some common reasons why cars might not start.

If the engine won’t crank nothing happens:

If you turn over the key and the engine doesn’t crank, more likely than not there is an electrical problem. This can mean many things, including faulty sensors. Here are some different ways to try to narrow down the problem.

Dead or weak battery:

A major factor that affects battery is called parasitic drain. This happens when your vehicle shut off, but some of the computers are still using power to maintain learned or stored information. This happens naturally in the battery can be recharged via the alternator with a bit of driving around. If the car hasn’t been used regularly, however, the battery can wear down and not have enough juice to start.

Poor electrical connections at battery terminals:

Most drivers are familiar with the corrosion that accumulates on top of the battery by the terminals, however, even clean batteries can lose charge over time.

Defective starter or solenoid:

This is caused by the solenoid on the starter engaging in disengaging rapidly. These parts can become defective and cause the non-start to occur.

If the engine cranks but won’t turn over:

If the engine cranks, but won’t turn over, there’s probably something wrong mechanically with your car. Here are some common reasons why your engine is cranking but won’t go.

Vehicle out of gas:

This might seem obvious, but the engine needs gas to turn over. If the gas tank is empty, the engine may crank but not get the car started.

Faulty fuel pump or relay:

Gas acts like a coolant for the fuel pump in your car, so if you run low, the pump will intake some air, which will create heat, causing the fuel pump to wear.

No spark:

Your spark plugs, or ignition coils, may need replacing before your engine can turn over. A bad spark plug lets itself be known with inefficient engine performance before it reaches a no start situation. If you remember the car running a little rough, or being hard to start before the car refused to turn over, then you may be dealing with the spark plug issue or timing issue.

Any of these issues, as well as any other issue your VW may have can be dealt with just by calling to schedule an appointment with Volkswagen of South Mississippi. We look forward to your business!