Top 5 Volkswagen Safety Features

Volkswagen Safety Features Mississippi

Volkswagen is known for constantly innovating to provide Mississippi drivers with the latest safety features. It was among the first to offer now common tools, like lane departure alerts and blind spot monitoring. Continuing with this tradition, here are the top five safety features from Volkswagen.

Volkswagen Park Assist

The Park Assist feature is a great safety feature that relieves your fears about hitting a car next to you while parking, whether you are trying to perpendicular or parallel park. The electronics in this system work to control your steering to optimize distance keeping, entry, and exit. You are still in control of the gear shifts and speed.

Volkswagen Front Assist

Front Assist from Volkswagen consists of Forward Collision Warning as well as Autonomous Emergency Braking. The system works to calculate your closing speed. It will then automatically brake your car to prevent crashes or reduce the effects of them if you haven’t reacted quickly enough.

Volkswagen Automatic Post-Collision Braking

This safety feature helps you if you have already been in a collision. Braking immediately after one can minimize the damage done to your vehicle, the other cars in the area, and all passengers involved. This system will limit the risk of secondary collisions by automatically holding your Volkswagen’s brakes if you fail to do so after a collision.

Volkswagen Park Distance Control

This is another safety feature that helps prevent accidents when parking. The system relies on ultrasonic sensors on your bumpers as well as audible and visual warnings. It uses these items as well as your backup camera display to help you park without hitting the cars on either side of you by giving you more information about where you are.

Volkswagen Adaptive Cruise Control

Adaptive Cruise Control takes standard cruise control to another level with the use of radar. The radar will work to regulate your following distance as well as speed. Depending on the Volkswagen model, it may even fully stop or resume driving without you having to do anything.

To learn more about any of these Volkswagen safety features or which models they are available on, head to Volkswagen of South Mississippi in D’iberville, Mississippi.